Aspirehive’s managed security operations service ensures your cyber security defense continues to evolve. Is your organisation ready to respond to future threats?
An effective managed security operations center is the backbone of your cyber defense system.
As threats continue to evolve, so should your organisation. Managed security operations provide a service model that is customized to your business needs, remaining flexible and adaptable as your business changes.
Aspirehive’s managed security operations center uses the power of AlienVault to provide a reliable, flexible and scalable solution for the effective management of your cyber security program.  The benefits include:
  • Unified, co-ordinated security monitoring.
  • Simple security event management and reporting.
  • Continuous threat intelligence.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Multiple security functions without multiple consoles.
Our managed security operations combine cyber security expertisesound frameworks and leading security technology to keep you secure now and into the future.
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